Escape the Undertaker

Mark William Callaway, known in the ring as Undertaker. On October 5, 2021, in a movie called Escape the Undertaker, for the last time, Undertaker appeared in his usual appearance.

What was the story about? The New Day group goes to the Undertaker mansion. They are looking for the Undertaker jug but soon realize that the jug is not an ordinary jug.

The jug has a power that steals the souls of good people.

This is incomprehensible to die-hard WWE fans. But new and of course young fans enjoy watching this interactive film.

Yes, you heard right this interactive movies. And that means your decision affects the story of the film. This movie, except for a few special effects, which of course are at the most basic level They were designed to have nothing.

In general, this film is made only of WWE stars such as Undertaker, Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. That probably has been available with The least budget available.

Although Netflix has always tried to be the best in interactive movies, this time it may change Netflix a bit, and maybe

Influence Netflix on other decisions.Netflix is not always powerful

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