injustice Animation

Injustice game series based on Injustice: Gods Among Us comics. It now has a weaker adaptation of the DC Universe Original Movies. There is little to say about the charms of the game of injustice, but this animation uses the name of the injustice comic.

It’s not even close to your smallest experience when reading the original comic or video game. So I suggest you before you see this animation. Do not be fooled by its name. Injustice is full of problems. Get from the main story to even the smallest details in the animation.


injustice has acted unusually poorly in terms of storytelling. And the viewer faces more challenges. Questions that form in the viewer’s mind without answers. This is not the only problem. injustice Even the way the characters deal with each other and the scene of their death is a challenge. We see only one mourning in the story.
Superman mourning for Lewis, even though characters such as Flash and Nightwing are killed in a completely new way, there was still no mourning for the two. Even how they die is a major problem for animation. A death that is not only illogical at all, but also funny and ridiculous.

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